Shave Before or After the Shower? Is it Important ?

When it comes to enjoying a close and comfortable shave, one of the most important things is getting ready. Whether you use the best razor and the best accessories, the results will only be optimal if you follow the right ritual. In particular, you should know whether you should shave before or after taking a shower. It depends primarily on what you are going to use on your facial hair.

Shave before shower (dry shave)

When it comes to removing facial hair without taking a shower, without a doubt, the best way is to use an electric razor. Above all, they are intended to be practical and are the best solution when you are in a hurry and do not have time to take a full shower and opt for a more traditional shave. Whether you opt for a grid model or a rotating head model, you will be able to enjoy a cleanly cut hair follicle and a shave that will not irritate the skin.

However, you can still use the other types of razor. However, it will be less effective and you will have to put in more effort to achieve a close shave. You should also remember to moisten your hair, either with a warm towel or by spraying it with water to avoid tightness of your hair follicles. These tightnesses could cause particularly uncomfortable skin irritation after you have finished shaving. This is a problem you don’t experience with an electric razor, since the blades never touch your skin.

A warm towel: the ideal solution to avoid dry shaving

If you really don’t want to dry shave and aren’t using an electric razor, the best option for men is to just wet their face with a hot towel. This method is the one preferred by barbers across the country. While not as effective as a shower, this method is really the second best option, which will start to soften your hair while properly hydrating the skin. However, unlike in the shower, this method will not allow you to clean your skin and remove dirt from it. It is a perfect option for if you are in a hurry and cannot take a shower.

Shaving after showering is the best solution

Therefore, the best way to prepare your skin before shaving is to take a hot shower. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, when you shower before shaving, you make sure that your skin is perfectly cleansed and that all impurities are removed. This is something important since when you shave, you also exfoliate your skin, which makes all the pores of the skin completely open. They are then particularly likely to come into contact with bacteria. If this should happen, you may experience irritation which can be quite significant for some men.

Also, when you spray your bristles with hot water, you will tend to swell it up and make it softer. This will make them easier to cut, which would reduce the number of razor passes you need to perform. This will avoid inconvenience such as irritation and tightness. Obviously, this is not enough for a good shave. You also need to get the right tools.

To save time, can you shave in the shower?

There are also many men who prefer to shave in the shower. However, for this you must have a fog-protected mirror. It is a method particularly appreciated by some men. It is particularly effective if you have a perfectly waterproof electric razor that you can use in the shower. It is a method that is also effective with a rechargeable razor. These are indeed quite safe, which means that you have little risk of cutting yourself by shaving.

However, it is a fairly difficult method to use with more traditional shaving tools such as the cabbage razor and the safety razor. They require very strong attention and use the right cutting angle. Trying to use it in the shower is therefore something very complicated that we do not recommend that you do. These two types of razors are indeed much more interesting to use when you shave immediately after taking a shower.

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