Beard Soap: How to use it to have a Professional Quality Foam?

Many men mistakenly think that a beard soap is much less effective and more difficult to use than shaving cream. This is however totally false. They can indeed greatly exceed the effectiveness of shaving cream while providing a very comfortable shave. This is particularly why the followers of the razor adore this product. In this article, we’ll explain how to lather up some shaving soap so that it’s just as effective as your barber’s.

The perfect beard soap for those who use a cabbage razor

While you can still enjoy a more comfortable shave using a different type of shave, it is with a straight razor that you will benefit the most. This is especially because the foam is much thicker and better protects you from the blade. In addition, it is a great way to lubricate your skin and beard and thus ensure better gliding of your razor.

Shaving soaps vs shaving creams

While these are two very different products, we still wanted to compare their pros and cons so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Beard soap is considered to be more traditional, although creams have been around for many decades. However, the main advantage of shaving soap is that you still have more control over its formation, which is essential if you want to shave the traditional way.

Finally, although it is less convenient to use, shaving soap is also sold at a low price, which is sure to save you money.

How to get the perfect lather with a beard soap

Now that you know a little more about beard soap and its differences from shaving creams, we can move on to the different stages of making the foam.

  1. Prepare your beard soap

Beard soaps can come in many forms. The preparation may, therefore, vary slightly depending on which one you choose. However, you need to make sure that the latter is high in glycerin. Thus, it will generate more foam and the latter will be of better quality. You should also have a container to prepare your foam, for example, a shaving bowl. All you have to do then is place your soap in it before melting it by passing it in the microwave.

  1. Lather your shaving soap

The key to softening your soap is to soak it for a long time in hot water before you take out your shaving brush. This allows your soap to mix and thus you avoid taking only the superficial part. For example, you can let it soak in hot water while you take your shower. You should then soak your badger in the water. This will allow it to be permeated with water, which will tend to soften the fibers and allow the better foam to form.

  1. Wring out your shaving brush and soap

For your badger, you just need to squeeze it lightly to squeeze out most of the water. If it contains too much water, the resulting foam will be of poor quality. However, avoid shaking your shaving brush to get the water out. This could separate the fibers from the handle of your badger, which will greatly reduce its lifespan.

As for the soap, you just need to pour the water that remains in the bowl. By collecting it, you can even apply it to your face before you shave, which will allow it to act as a pre-shave oil.

  1. Use your badger and raise the foam

Unlike conventional soap, beard soap should not be applied directly to the face. You must indeed raise the foam using your shaving brush.

For this, you can directly apply it and lather the soap on your face. However, we recommend that you use a small container, which allows you to check its consistency and make sure it is of good quality. You must, therefore, turn your shaving brush in the container, which therefore contains the soap, for about 90 seconds. An effective foam should be fairly fluid when you have it in hand. Once your foam is set, all you have to do is use your brush to apply it to the parts of your face that you want to shave.

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