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The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and, if you have not already done so, it is time to seriously consider the last gifts you need to order for your friends, relatives, or family in order to enjoy a guaranteed delivery before Christmas before it is too late. Do not wait for the last minute!

There is no shortage of ideas and each year, the shops show more ingenuity to offer us always more unusual and innovative products whatever the budget. From the high tech gift that will often cost more than $ 100 and which will particularly appeal to the geek, to the funny and inexpensive little gadget that you can find for less than $ 5 or $ 10, there will be plenty to please everyone invited thanks to the many ideas presented in our list of suggestions for games, toys and Christmas gifts 2020!

If you are short of imagination and still do not know what to offer, or what will be the best Christmas gift 2020 for your best friend, your little boy, your daughter-in-law, a distant cousin, your niece’s teenager or Even your husband, do not worry and discover this special Christmas list: it will surely allow you to find the trendy and original gift that is ideal for making your friends happy on Christmas Day.

Let’s get down to business, who do you want to give a gift to?

Find the perfect gift for a child

Discover the TOP 40 of the best 2020 toys for babies, children and adolescents.


  1. Lego Ninjago – Lloyd’s Steel Dragon

Recommended for children from 8 years old and up to 14 – 16 years old, this Lego Ninjago construction toy will allow you to make a faithful reconstruction of the very famous LLoyd Steel Dragon!



  1. Box of 12 collection Hatchimals eggs

No doubt about the success that the Hatchimals range products will meet at the end of the year. Thanks to this boxed box comprising 10 eggs and two collectible figurines, your child, boy or girl, will be the happiest in the world by opening their gift under the tree this year!



  1. BeyBlade Battle Arena

It is not just a BeyBlade combat arena but an ultra-complete kit that will keep your little boys occupied for hours and hours. This set consists of an arena, two spinners and two launchers. Recommended from 6 – 8 years old, Even if there is no age to start having fun with toys from the brand BeyBlade.



4 . The cute robot Bunchems

A robot specially designed for children’s creative hobbies. Usable from five – six years, this robot will allow the child to make superb creations thanks to 300 small colored balls included in the box.



  1. The new generation Magic Tracks circuit

This is the phenomenon of this end of the year. This new generation of light circuits for small cars is enjoying impressive success all over the world and is no exception to the rule. Thanks to its length of more than 3 m, this light circuit will dazzle your nights and the evenings of your children.



  1. Playmobil’s fighting dragon

For less than 20 $(with free delivery and guaranteed before Christmas for premium members) you will please your little boy. This Playmobil dragon measures over 12 ” (30cm) high and includes all the accessories to let your little one’s imagination run wild.




  1. Playmobil’s fashion store for girls

A real fashion boutique for your little girl. Lots of interchangeable outfits, a fashion store, a suitcase with an integrated carrying handle … All the ingredients are there for the greatest happiness of your little princess.



  1. A worldwide success: the Pic Pirate

One of the best sellers of all time. Simple and effective: Tomy’s Pic Pirate game is timeless.
New: also exists in Minions version! To test absolutely!


  1. The Globber My Free Up 3-wheel scooter

The best value for money in the world of 3-wheel scooters.
Sold between 40 and 70 dollars depending on the finish and the model, the Globber scooter is a pure diamond in the world of children’s entertainment.
Robust, reliable and fast, it will make any child smile on Christmas Eve!




  1. Asmodee DOBBLE

A concentrate of fun for children and adults who can finally compete in a single game that has lots of variations. Reflex and thinking game from 6 years old and up to 99 years old at least…



  1. Nerf Elite Hyperfire toy gun

The best foam rifle with automatic burst shooting was necessarily invented by the brand NERF. If you want to please your boy, this Nerf rifle is without a doubt the perfect gift!



  1. Unlock Asmodee

It is the most complete escape game ever. No need to move around and pay fortunes to enjoy a colorful scenario and incredible puzzles. For less than 50 $, you will enjoy a very high quality toy, each detail of which has been carefully prepared for exciting games.




  1. Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teether,Brown/White

For 20 dollar, take advantage of a Sophie the giraffe teether, perfect for awakening baby’s senses from birth.


  1. Dream Unicorn Plush

2020 undoubtedly marks the year of the unicorn and if you do not want to pass for a caveman, buy this 30 cm plush toy with meticulous details.


  1. Vtech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

From 12 months, this pillow will awaken the senses of your little one. What to delight him in these end of year celebrations 2020


  1. The Wazabi game

It is absolutely not a Japanese board game but the latest find from Gigamic that will make you spend unforgettable evenings, with family or friends. This dice game is a clever mix of strategy and board.



  1. Fairy Barbie

The most beautiful of barbies, 3 in 1, she can transform at will into a fairy, a princess or a mermaid!



  1. Elephant dodo plush

Finally an XXL plush for baby. Very reassuring, it will please young parents as well as babies who will find it even easier to sleep in this protective environment in the hollow of their new extra large elephant plush.



  1. The MITO Board Game

Honestly, it’s our favorite on the list. The mito combines everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a single card game.
Ah, the detail that kills: it is the only game in the world where it is allowed to cheat, and that changes everything, really !!!


  1. Princess Elsa styling head

The snow queen is back in full force at the end of the year thanks to this sublime styling head that will keep your little girl busy while helping her perfect her hair styling techniques!



  1. Roto Revolution Hot Wheels

The very first revolving track circuit. If your boy likes the car circuit as well as strategy games, then this new generation of Hot Wheels circuit is made for him!



  1. Croque-Carrot board game

The crunchy carrot is once again an essential game designed by the Ravens burger group. Find out in detail the rules of the game that have made gaga millions of children around the world



  1. Lego helicopter chase

As a parent, you sometimes wonder why a game may appeal to children and what really sets it apart from other toys. This is the case with this Lego helicopter chase version of which all the young boys are absolutely fans. It must surely come from the colors…




  1. WHO IS IT?

Again, no need to add more. The “who is it?” Is the toy we have all played at least once in our lives. It’s simple and we know that it will always please the child who will receive it.
Available in Travel / Princess and Super Qui Est Ce version


  1. Cutie Set of Creation

The best creation game for girls in its class. 15 Stix and lots of accessories for thousands of combinations of bracelets and necklaces that will delight all young girls!



  1. Safe chemistry

From 8 years old, your children will be able to do their first chemistry experiments without any risk and in semi-autonomy.
This set includes 150 experiments including mixtures, observations and various and varied manipulations. The ultimate toy for our future little scientists…



  1. Lego Star Wars BB8

The ultimate replica of the Star Wars BB8. It is not just a simple Christmas toy, but an authentic and faithful reproduction of the BB8, the final height of which will be close to 30 centimeters!



  1. Riddle and escape game

The Dujardin firm in turn embarks on escape games. It is successful and it allows the youngest children to familiarize themselves with this type of strategy and puzzle toy from an early age.




  1. Nerf Disruptor

A simpler version, cheaper but still very well made by the famous gun manufacturer NERF whose boys still love it so much!


  1. Luxury house in BARBIE

From 2-3 years, this luxurious Barbie house has 3 levels and 4 rooms in which your daughter’s little doll will evolve for more or less glamorous adventures (well yes, that will entirely depend on the imagination of the ‘child)…



  1. Monopoly version Mario

Monopoly is back in a Gamer version. A game board and a scenario adapted to the characters of Mario’s adventures! Really nice and offered at a cheap price at all. A safe bet for Christmas 2020!



  1. The awakening cube according to VTech

VTech, specialist in early learning toys, offers us here its super cube of discoveries: an interactive version thanks to which baby will flourish freely and develop his imagination.


  1. The Hatchimals collectors tree

It is a tree for collectors of Hatchimals figurines. If you do not know what it is but your child is completely fond of it, you can order it with your eyes closed: they will not be disappointed!





34 . Cozmo the ANKI Robot

The best seller in the “electronic toys” section. It’s that simple. If you want to choose a high tech toy for your child, the Anki robot is the product for you. Look no further for other toy ideas for Christmas, this is the best robot model, as we tell you!


  1. The whipped cream

In duels or each in turn, the toy of the spacer will make you spend sacred evenings and will increase the pressure when you operate the crank … Thrills guaranteed for children and adults!



  1. Intrigues in Westeros

Is he / she a fan of the Game of Thrones series? So no hesitation possible! This is the one you need to order!
From 8 years old and allowing to play from 3 to 6 people, each game of “intrigue in Westeros” will last from 15 to 30 minutes and will make you touch the iron throne and why not sit there…


  1. The new generation baby

If only one baby was to be retained, it would be this one.
Realistic, neat finishes, not too noisy or too expensive, it is the baby that will surely please your little girl, and your wallet!




  1. Molkky – the luxury Finnish bowling game

Either you’ve already played it with friends and you know it’s the best, or you absolutely must buy it for Christmas!
Offer it to anyone or offer it directly to yourself, it will go faster.
This version is great and you will quickly become addicted!



  1. The famous Doctor Maboul

OK, no need to talk about it, the title was enough it’s true.
Available in Dory – Frozen version and Travel edition!



  1. Magnetic construction toys

Lots of construction possibilities, varied shapes and colors, this is perhaps the recipe for one of the best-selling toys in for several years.
It goes without saying that it is number 1 in its category.



Here’s a little tip:

Even if perfume or jewelry will always be one of the main events of these end-of-year celebrations, do not hesitate to think outside the box and venture into areas that are increasingly trendy and appreciated by young people and people alike. of an older age.
Among these categories, there is a particular the field of garden and home decoration, ideas that appeal to both men and women.

Obviously, the most chic or classy references as well as luxury products will always find takers on the evening of December 24, but this category of gifts is not necessarily within the reach of all budgets. It is also necessary to know how to use the means at hand and the glamorous, unusual, gourmet or even funny ideas to please your friend, grandparents, children, or even a husband or a wife…


Find the perfect gift for a woman

Discover the TOP 30 of the best gifts for your wife or darling, mother, or stepmother, sister or friend!

  1. The “almost magic” Unicorn shower cap

Madam never wants to get her hair wet when she takes a shower? Here is THE solution: the special unicorn shower cap, fitted with an elegant golden horn, guaranteed effect!



  1. The BamBridge bath tray

This is the big news of the year. Some call it “bathtub deck” or “bathroom tray”. We love it and have adopted it for several months. It is the ideal gift idea for anyone with a bathtub.
His utility ? It’s simple: you can adjust it according to the width of your bathtub and you can put your book, your glass of wine, a small candle, a soap, and even your Tablet or Iphone. It is made of natural bamboo and it’s definitely worth a visit!


  1. The 132 colors makeup set!

Many are content to offer a small, inexpensive makeup pouch. Forget it and take it to the next level this Christmas 2020. This cosmetic box contains 132 colors and is delivered to you in a professional quality aluminum suitcase. Something to please miss, madam or all the girls, whatever their age …



  1. The best cabin baggage: the Bon Air suitcase

Who says “end of the year” says “school holidays” and “trips”. So why not offer a designer, elegant and compact suitcase to please the evening of December 24 …
The American Tourister brand allows you to take advantage of a 4-wheeled suitcase approved as hand luggage at a really affordable price.
(Available in 3 sizes and in several colors)



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